Latest zero-days Total: 404, in 2018: Zero-days 28, candidates: 10

Multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player

Vulnerability exploitation was spotted by several security companies. The attack was detected on November 29, 2018 and seems to be executed by a Ukrainian APT group UA-APT.

360 Core Security dubbed the attack "Operation Poison Needles".

Privilege escalation in Windows Win32k.sys driver

The vulnerability was privately reported to Microsoft by Kaspersky Lab.

Denial of service in Suricata

According to MITRE statement, the vulnerability has been exploited in the wild in November 2018.

Denial of service when processing SIP packets in Cisco ASA and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense

Not patched

The vulnerability was discovered during the resolution of a Cisco TAC support case and reported by Cisco PSIRT.

Vulnerability Scanning SaaS

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