Latest zero-days Total: 366, in 2017: Zero-days 31, candidates: 8

Remote code execution in Microsoft .NET Framework


The vulnerability was detected by FireEye  researchers. The attacker used Microsoft Office RTF document to leverage RCE in .NET Framework and deploy FINSPY malware. The malicious document “Проект.doc” (MD5: fe5c4d6bb78e170abf5cf3741868ea4c) had Russian name and might have been used to target a Russian speaker.

Backdoor in NetSarang software

ShadowPad backdoor

A backdoor code was detected in NetSarang software on August 4, 2017. Next day, on August 5 the developer has released an update to resolve the issue. As of August 15, there is an evidence, that the code has being utilized by one instance in Hong Kong.

The malicious code was delivered to the vendor's clients  by compromising the software update mechanism. The backdoor was included into updates, issued on July 18, 2017. The update contained ShadowPad backdoor.

Backdoor in Web Developer Google Chrome extension

The browser extension for Google Chrome has been hijacked on Google Web Store.

Vulnerability Scanning SaaS

Vulnerability scanning SaaS service is online 3-rd generation vulnerability scanner with scheduled assessments and vulnerability subscription. You can use service to check security of your network perimeter.