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Privilege escalation in Microsoft Windows Win32k


According to Kaspersky Lab, the vulnerability is being actively exploited by the FruityArmor APT actor.

Spoofing attack in Apple Safari

Not patched

Vulnerability in Apple Safari was used to bypass browser security restrictions and upload malware to vulnerable systems, according to DarkMatter LLC report.

The attack is believed to be carried out by the WindShift APT actor against government organizations in the Middle East.

Privilege escalation in Microsoft Windows

A privilege escalation vulnerability was first publicly disclosed on Twitter on August 27, 2018. It was successful incorporated into malware used by the PowerPool group, reported by ESET.
The vulnerability was dubbed SendboxEscaper by its author.

Remote code execution in Microsoft Internet Explorer


The vulnerability was spotted in the wild by Trend Micro researcher on July 11, 2018. The exploit sample detected by the researchers was using the same obfuscation technique as exploits for CVE-2018-8174, spotted in the wild by Qihoo 360 in April 2018.

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