Latest zero-days Total: 423, in 2019: Zero-days 16, candidates: 0

Remote code execution in WhatsApp


The vulnerability was used in a targeted attack against a limited number of people. First vulnerability exploitation was detected on May 12 2019. The attackers targeted a phone of a UK-based human rights lawyer to install spyware.

Improper access control in Yuzo Related Posts WordPress plugin

Not patched

Improper access control vulnerability in the plugin allowed attacker to inject malicious JavaScript code and redirect users to phishing websites.

Privilege escalation in Win32k.sys driver in Microsoft Windows

The vulnerability was reported to Microsoft by Vasily Berdnikov and Boris Larin from Kaspersky Lab.

Vulnerability Scanning SaaS

Vulnerability scanning SaaS service is online 3-rd generation vulnerability scanner with scheduled assessments and vulnerability subscription. You can use service to check security of your network perimeter.